Mouse dpi test

Mouse dpi test

The DPI (dots per inch) indicator is the main characteristic of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the faster your pointer will move on the screen. You can change the mouse DPI to meet your needs and preferences. By changing DPIs, you can enjoy the better performance when playing or working. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed guide on how to check your mouse DPIs. This knowledge will show you whether your device uses the recommended DPI range or whether you need to fix it.

What is DPI?

The DPI short form of Dot Per Inch is a statistic that measures the mouse’s sensitivity. The higher the mouse DPI count, the more sensitive it is.

As mentioned earlier, the DPI stands for dot per inch. This means that if the mouse is set to 800DPI, the cursor will move 800 pixels on every inch of the screen. Increasing the DPI makes the cursor move faster concerning the number of inches. Every mouse has a DPI setting, but some mice can change the DPI with buttons and apps. Most normal computer mice (available for purchase from $10 to $20) are between 800 and 1,600 DPI. In general, the more expensive a mouse, the higher the DPI.

How to Check Mouse DPI?

To check your mouse DPI, there are several methods to check your Mouse DPI. You can also analyze your mouse DPIs using an online DPI analysis tool (or DPI tester) or the DPI testing software.

Check Mouse DPI in Windows 10

You can use different methods to check your mouse DPI in Windows 10.

One of the best ways includes using the Paint app on your computer. The Paint pointer can display the pixel motion on your device’s screen, which helps to accurately measure the mouse DPI.

To use Paint to define a DPI, here’s what you need to do:

Tap the Start button on the screen and search for Paint. Click the icon to start the program.

C:\Users\ASIF MOBILES\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (113).png

In the new window, move the cursor to the left side of the screen and make sure that the zoom settings are 100%.

C:\Users\ASIF MOBILES\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (114).png

Then make a few lines about 3 inches long and note the values at the bottom of each line. Then calculate the average of the lines.

That average is the DPI average of your mouse

Using a DPI Analyzer

  1. Draw rulers on paper. If your mouse does not come with special software that displays the correct DPI, you can use an online DPI calculator to estimate the DPI from a distance you move the mouse over your desk. Because you need to measure it accurately, take a ruler or measure and trace it over a piece of paper, and then mark the entire sheet with inches and centimeters. To detect the DPI, this sheet becomes a temporary mouse pad.
  2. Go to in your web browser. A gaming-specific DPI analyzer that gives you a real sensitivity level (DPI) for your mouse.
  3. Enter the distance to move the mouse. For example, suppose you move the mouse one inch to test the DPI. Set the Units drop-down to Inches and enter 1 in the Target distance field.
  4. Click the red crosshair to drag the mouse. You want to move the mouse exactly as you entered the distance in the Target Distance field. In other words, if you type 1 inch, click and drag the mouse to the right to measure the DPI. When you release the mouse button, the DPI of the mouse appears in the Actual DPI field.
  5. Adjust the DPI accordingly. Once you know the current DPI setting for your mouse, you can use the Windows or Mac mouse settings to increase or decrease the DPI. Drag the Motion or Tracking slider to the right to increase the DPI, then drag it to the left to lower it. Then use the DPI analyzer to retest the mouse to find the new DPI.

Check Mouse DPI on a Chromebook

Chromebook does not have much difficulty checking the DPI of the mouse. Test it with a few clicks.

Visit the Status section at the bottom right of the screen.

C:\Users\ASIF MOBILES\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (115).png

Choose the Settings option followed by Devices.

C:\Users\ASIF MOBILES\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (116).png

Now you’ll need to see a touch bar that defines a DPI. Move it right if you want the cursor to move faster. Move it left if you want your cursor to slow down.

C:\Users\ASIF MOBILES\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (117).png

Check Mouse DPI on a Mac

Mac users can also use several methods to determine their mouse DPIs. One of the fastest ways to do this is to do an online search:

Start your browser.

Type your mouse’s brand and model in the Search Bar.

C:\Users\ASIF MOBILES\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (119).png

Unless your mouse is not branded, your search results should include a DPI number. Many manufacturers offer the maximum DPI for the mouse, but Logitech and some other manufacturers specify the range of the mouse.

C:\Users\ASIF MOBILES\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (120).png

Alternatively, you can install the appropriate driver. This option is also available if you have a brand mouse. These products allow you to download the required software from your provider’s website.

This is necessary to verify the DPI in the driver.

Start your browser.

Visit the mouse manufacturer’s website.

Download and install the drivers. The location of the DPI settings may vary depending on the manufacturer. For example, the Logitech software requires you to click the gear and pointer icons. You may need to dig up a little, but your platform should contain your DPI measurements.

Many users choose this approach because it gives them more freedom than the built-in components on the computer. In addition to changing the DPI settings, driver installation allows the owner to define a specific action for each button.

Best DPI For Gaming

Although not usually a major priority in assembling a gamer computer, selecting the best mouse to meet the user’s needs is important. Countless game mice drive the market with all forms, price ranges and embedded functions.

Office mice are usually available with DPI between 800 and 1600; games mice are, however, different. While exceptions exist, most game mice encourage flexibility by allowing players to choose between different DPIs.

Selecting A DPI For Gaming

Ultimately, the DPI depends on personal preferences and users are advised to try out the full range of the mouse to see who is most suitable for them. A large part of gamer mice includes a DPI button that passes across different levels (usually starting from the lowest and ending at the highest). Some even allow this input to be customized through an application. Don’t hesitate to experiment to find the perfect setting.

Benefits Of Low DPI (<1000)

The low level of the DPI means that every pixel is important, which gives players full control over the cursor at the expense of speed. MOBA and strategic titles require precise action, and the high DPI would be detrimental to these genres.

Benefits Of High DPI (>1000)

Since the high DPI equals a faster course movement, these levels are usually considered suitable for shooters and games that require fast reflexes. However, as already mentioned, the high DPI leads to less precision, which may be a death sentence in precision-based showers by a first person. However, the high DPI can add things such as role games or MMOs where players want to move their cameras fast.

What Is The Best DPI For Gaming?

800 is the best initial DPI for a 1080p or 1440p system. Although it may look low, this level is appropriate for most play styles. Instead of permanently changing the mouse DPI, players must set the eDPI for each game. Once the superior sensitivity for the relevant heading is detected and retained, this setting will always be ready for work. A DPI does not exist that matches each experience, so instead of jumping back and forth between mouse levels, select a base that can support as many configurations as possible.

If a game has no standard mouse sensitivity option, 800 may be too low for several genres. In such cases, start with 800 and zoom exponentially by jumping with 400 DPIs simultaneously.


What’s the average mouse DPI?

The average mouse DPI is 1,600. This setting is ideal for ordinary users who do not need high-speed devices. However, the best DPI value for you depends on the planned tasks.

For example, if you need quick reflexes in your video games, you’d better choose a higher DPI. Some gamers even use mice with 16,000 DPIs, specializing in situations requiring rapid reflexes and reactions rather than just targeting.

In contrast, mice with lower DPIs are better if you need slow movements and precise targets.

How does mouse DPI reading work?

The higher the mouse DPI, the farther it will move when you move it at a certain distance. The mouse with the higher DPI is more sensitive and reacts better to smaller movements. If the mouse has a DPI of 1,600, it will move with 1,600 pixels when you move it 1 inch away.


Before you change your mouse DPI, it’ll be very helpful to know your current DPI settings. This will enable you to decide whether to reduce or increase DPIs to achieve the desired results. Some methods you can use to check your mouse DPIs are presented above.

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